Gone Missing — What Happened To Them?

Gone Missing

What happened to them?

June 7, 2015
Sandra Bishop

Every day all across the United States children and teenagers disappear. It is not often that adults suddenly disappear, especially professional adults. When a cluster of adults start to disappear in a short period of time it raises alarms. We have listed in our databases of missing people only a handful of adults that mysteriously disappear per year. Since May 24th until June 3rd we have had five adults all suddenly disappear when people were waiting for them. They disappeared in mostly public places with crowds of people around them. What happened to them? Three were found alive but a mystery surrounds where they were and why they could not contact their families. Two were found dead and the cause of death is suspicious or not being disclosed.

On May 24th Grace Martinez, a 20 year old female went to a play and after – party for the Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit, Michigan. She went with a female friend and was to meet her friend back at the car at 3 am. Grace was last seen at the party at 2am by her friend but failed to return to the car an hour later. Both women left their wallets and cell phones in the car. She was found 2 days later in front of the Detroit Masonic Temple Theater by a passerby who took her to a local hospital. Grace was highly agitated and unable to communicate in any coherent fashion, but she showed no visible injuries. The hospital staff believed she had been drugged but details of any toxicology screening is not being disclosed or unknown. To date, Grace has not been able to communicate what happened to her but is now listed in stable condition. She is being visited daily by her family who remain baffled by what occurred for her.

On May 29th Ron Yanoskie, a 35 year old husband and father disappeared on his way to Station Square in Pittsburg, PA after dinner and drinks with a friend. He was last seen at 7 pm near a Double Tree Inn. His wife was waiting for him at home. They had attended a baseball game earlier in the day. He then left to go to dinner at Sienna Mercata. He was the next day near the railroad tracks where a walking bridge goes over the tracks. His cause of death, determined by autopsy, was blunt force trauma to the head, trunk and limbs. Yanoskie was a food lab technologist for new product development and senior buyer for H.J. Heinz Company. The police investigation is ongoing into the circumstances surrounding his death but is currently thought to be accidental.

On the same Saturday, May 29th, Michael Amayo, a 45 year, husband and father in Bonnie Springs, Kansas never showed up for his plans to meet friends in the evening. He was last heard from at 2: 30 pm that afternoon and was found 5 days later in the southern portion of Leavenworth County. Police say they do not feel foul play was involved but were waiting for a report from the morgue on cause of death. No cause of death has been disclosed to the public. No details are being released on exactly where the body was found or the circumstances in finding the body. Amayo’s truck was also listed as missing and no details are being disclosed if the truck was found with Amayo’s body. Amayo traditionally went to football games on Saturdays. Amayo was a general manager for K12ttc, a data technology system servicing schools in Bonner Springs, Kansas.

On Sunday, May 30th Andrea Rogers a 33 year old off duty police officer was dropped off by her family in downtown Sacramento, California at 8 pm She was carrying a red and grey Yosemite backpack and said she had “personal business” to do. She was missing for 4 days before the Sacramento Police Department issued a statement to the press that she was no longer missing. Officer Jena, of the Sacramento Police Department, responded to the request for further information stating that Rogers was “alive and no longer missing.  Due to privacy issues for the officer, no other information can be disclosed”.

On June 2nd, Anna Giannini, a 32 year old woman missed her connecting flight in Atlanta, Georgia. She was returning from Milan, Italy to her home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was last seen at 5: 10 pm when her flight landed at Hartsfield International Airport. Her sister reported her missing when she was not on the connecting flight to go home and had not called in to the family. Police did locate Giannini at a local hospital four days later and notified her family of her whereabouts. Police said she had been spotted coming from a nearby airport motel that evening but was not seen again until discovered in the hospital. She is reported as being treated for “undisclosed reasons” and showed no visible injuries. No further information is being disclosed to the public. Giannini is listed in public profiles as “self – employed” with no details of the general field of her work. There is no information on why Giannini could not contact her family to tell them she was hospitalized.

All five cases involved the police or family requesting the public’s help in locating the missing person. Once the person was found, either dead or alive, the absence of disclosure on what happened to them is remarkable. Four of the five missing people were last seen in a public place near crowds. We are uncertain on Michael Amayo and any details of when he was last heard from or seen. What is going in America? Why is there so much secrecy, suddenly, from our police departments on what happened with these missing people? Why are so many adults suddenly missing in the short period of 8 days? How many people are missing that we don’t know about because someone wasn’t waiting for them to realize something was wrong? Is this all coincidence or is there a pattern here? Why were the women who were found alive not able to contact their families?

These five cases are a small amount of the suddenly disappearing and dead business and professional adults across the United States in the last few months.  “Houston, Houston…..we have a problem”.




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7 thoughts on “Gone Missing — What Happened To Them?

  1. As a close friend of the Amayo family, I can tell you that there isn’t any conspiracy going on. My dear friend took his life. Please pray for his wife and 3 sons as we lay him to rest today.

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